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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What browser is required ?
  2. How do I report problems to LANDATA® ?
  3. When is the software to be released ?
  4. Is the application case sensitive?

What browser is required ?

The system should work well with any of the major browsers. 

We have tested against Microsoft IE 4 and 5, Netscape Communicator 4.7

Your browser needs to allow Cookies.  We do not need scripting or Java, JavaScript or ActiveX support, excepting in the Property Certificates Fast Order Process.

Special Note for Microsoft Internet Explorer  users over Windows 95

Normally, customers can press the forward and back buttons on the browser to review previously received information pages (screens) without incurring further LANDATA® charges.   However, there is a fault in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95, Version 4, which causes the transaction to be resent to LANDATA® which incurs an additional charge.   This problem has been fixed by Microsoft and is available in Service Pack 2 which can be obtained from Microsoft. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows NT, Version 4, does not suffer from the same fault.


How do I report faults to LANDATA® ?

Please call our Help Desk on:  (03) 9194 0605 or extension 40606 (internal calls).

To assist in problem determination, please quote any error code eg [LIX100] to the Help Desk operator.


Alternatively, you can log a suggestion or problem using the Help link from the main menu.

Another alternative is to e-mail your  suggestion or problem report to LANDATA® at 



Is the application case sensitive?


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